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Colouring In Baby Grow

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This is the perfect gift, as not only is it a tool to help parents explain to their child that a new baby is on the way but it will also fill older siblings with pride to see the baby wearing something they helped create.  However, this baby grow has been designed so that any family member can colour it in, which makes it ideal for baby showers or just a fun spur of the moment gift.

It's also packaged in a stylish hand printed cardboard box which should fit through most letter boxes, saving you that annoying trip to the post office depot! We will not add any invoicing details in the box so if your item is a gift, you can send it straight the the recipient.

Your 6 fabric pens will be picked at random from the selection of colours shown in the photo above. If there is a favourite colour you would like to make sure is included then please email us as soon as possible after you've purchased the item at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We have instructional tips that come in the box but because the baby grows are slightly ribbed, a child may need an adult to help with writing on the T-shirt or drawing a design that they can then colour in. Drawing is easier if you do it slowly and lightly, with the fabric slightly stretched.

If you are looking for a baby grow or T-shirt size that is not available then please email us and we will see if it is possible to do for you.

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