Hello lovelies! If you don't already know, then I've been taking part in #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram, run by the incredibly talented Joanne Hawker who owns her own online business, supports so many makers and has an instagram of dreams! Each day in March we put up a post that helps explain our business and the people / work behind the scences. Post number 11 is "Reducing Waste" - this is something I've thought a lot about but up until I save this prompt, I had kept putting it to the end of the to do list. I use vinyl to put the designs on my bags and there is a fair amount of waste with the off cuts that are too small for another bag but all this changed when I came up with the idea of merging all these cuts to produce a new design. 



I think there is something quite exciting about each of these bags being a bit different and I'm so glad to have finally found a use of all my teeney bits of scrap. This might mean this bag isn't perfect, some lines might not exactly match up, some many have smaller text and some may even be all one colour but all of them will be lovely handmade with a quote to brighten your day.

So to launch these new bad boys, I've gathered a group of fabulous women to bring you all a competition like nothing I've offered before. Not only will you win one of my new bags, but you will also get

  • Handmade Palm-Oil Free Natural Soap from Emms Choice
  • Travel size Rosemary English face oil from No Secrets Cosmetics
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds & reusable cotton rounds from Society Zero
  • and a colourful statement necklace from Athaid which is knitted from eco friendly recycled yarn

Competition is available on Instagram and will run from the 11th to the 17th of March at 7pm with the winner being announced on the 18th. Rules are on the post so check out my page for more details and GOOD LUCK!

Looking to buy one of these bags - well they will be available from the 18th so the winner of this competition will be the first to get one!



Sarah makes beautifully bold statement jewellery from recycled yarn. Her creations are made from high quality chunky T-shirt yarn that is left over from the fashion industry. I love that her whole business is based round finding use of what would be normally waste - she's one of my inspirations so I'm very honored to have her as part of this competition. From chunky collars to bold bracelets, you can find a piece of jewellery that will transform an outfit for lots of different events.

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Society Zero

Looking for a store that lives and breathes eco friendly living then then check these guys out. They believe in providing as many products without packaging as they can, so that they can help people lead a more zero waste lifestyle. Their online shop is jammed packed of inspiring products, including a great baby and child range. Society Zero is also Community Interest Company, which means if anything goes wrong and they had to stop trading, their assets would go to similar community interest companies meaning it all gets moved into other areas rather than going to ‘waste’ - what a brilliant business model.

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Emms Choice

I met Mahnaz (owner of Emms Choice) at a local meet up for women in business and her passion for all things natural was contagious. Based in Bathgate, not only does she have an amazing range of natural products in her online store but you can also arrange to pick up bulk items like toilet cleaner and handwash with your own reusable containers. I love Emms Choice soaps and gave a few away as Christmas presents, which went really well down well with the recipients.  There's also a range of "Emms Choice Kits" which include different plastic free products which are also liquid free, so great for on the go and a sampler kit called THE WEE Kit. They contain items like toothpaste tablets, bamboo toothbrush, deodorants, soap/shampoo bars and travel cups.

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No Secrets Cosmetics

I only came across No Secrets Cosmetics recently on Instagram and really liked the concept of the products. Sandrine creates and sells Make Your Own beauty products, such as lipbalm and body butters. She runs workshops for adults and children to create products together which I think is a really fab idea for Mother's Day. As well as her make your own products, she also has a range of English oils which are made exclusively from English crops grown particularly in Essex, Norfolk and Oxfordshire. There are 2 face oils and 2 body oils, both rich in omega 3 fatty acids and really good for your skin.

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I'm rewarding all my customer with special discounts on the run up to Christmas. Between the 3rd and 9th of December, you can get any of the offers below when ordering from my website:




25% off all nursery rhyme t-shirts (no code required)

50% off all Christmas products with code FREE18 (cannot be used with another code)

35% off all orders over £50 with code AMAZINGCUSTOMER (cannot be used with another code)

Free text personalisation on any card (e.g. names, special dates, meaningful phrase) if you email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details you require within 24 hours of your order submission


Thank you all for your continued support and hello to any new customer! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and the New Year brings you much happiness 


Nicole xxx

As some of you know, our daughter was born early and we spent a little time in Simpsons baby unit. The care our daughter received and the help they gave us to bond with our baby in those initial weeks means a huge amount to us and we will never forget it.

Watching her turn three this year and loving every minute of her crazy character, I was inspired to write a poem, written from her perspective. It paints a picture of the emotions felt by ourselves and our family, as well as how proud we are of her now.I hope it will touch the hearts of others whose child has spent time in a special care unit.

For both babies who were born sick or premature, these artworks can be a little celebration of how far they’ve come once they are home and I've also made a version for twins/multiple children as well.


To view the range, go to the Charity Product page