As a mum and a business owner I've come across lots of amazing other small businesses and local groups/classes that are really awesome. I wanted to share some of my top finds in my local area and places/friends I've found on my travels along the way. Like many of my thoughts, they are a bit of a random collection but I've tried to organise the chaos to make it a bit easier for you to read.

If you have a recommendation for me then please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - I love to open my local network of people who inspire me

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I love a good day out with the family but Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre took things to another level. The weather has been rubbish in Scotland this year but not even a bit of drizzle could dampen our spirits as we adventured round this amazing site. 



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Local Handmade Sellers

Truly Treasured Originals
McKenzie Beard Company
Wet Yeti Design
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Gorgeous silver pieces of jewellery personalised with prints and drawings. She's also branched out to castings and these gorgeous bump bowls made from a cast of the mummy's tummy. LADYKERRY is one of my favourite designers in Edinburgh! Her puns have me giggling away and her pins made awesome presents.   Here's one for the boys - These guys have come so far since they started they business selling their own beard oils. If you know a beardy bloke then check them out. I found Wet Yeti years before I started my own creative venture when bought a bunch of his cards as I couldn't decide which I liked the best. It's been great watching his designs evolve over the years and I'm hoping my wee business will do the same. 
 I was lucky enough to share a studio space with Lucy and got to see her makes up close and personal. They are bloody awesome and once we settle on a colour for the living room I'll definitely be buying one.      
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Small Businesses

Clemintine Home & Gifts
Jenni Douglas Designs
Wee Blue Coo
Reading with Teddy and Reu
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Clementine's is a lovely little gift shop in Edinburgh which I am lucky enough to sell my T-shirts in. They have a fab range of kids, home and pampering products so have a pop in the next time you are looking for a gift.  Jenni is another fab maker I met whilst in my Edinburgh studio but she's now got her own shop (which has just celebrated its 1st birthday) and I'm in awe of all the fabulous products she makes, especially her art prints and new jewellery range.  Wee Blue Coo is a print and greeting card company who is home to a great hub of fantastic designers, including my own brother who contantly pushes me to do better at my own work when I see his amazing skills.  Rachel stands out for me from other book sellers as she takes a real personal approach into helping you find the perfect book. The Usborne collection of books has something for everyone so contact Rachel and see if she can  help inspire your little one or find the perfect gift.





Art & Craft Collective
 Not only is this an amazing collect of work from local artists and handmade sellers, but the Art Collective also runs great workshops and business courses! Check out their website or visit their store for more information.      





Clear Photography
Anilorak Photography
Simone Hilliard Photography
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 Susan from Clear Photography is amazing with children and somehow managed to capture perfect snaps even though my little one wouldn't stop moving. They also does under water shoots and other photography for weddings etc as well. Anilorak specialises in maternity, birth and newborn photography. I could spend hours cooing over her gorgeous photos so if nothing else you should look at her website to brighten your day. She's currently off on Maternity leave but will be back towards the end of the year if you want to book her services.  Yes that's me in this photo. Simone did my business headshot this year and for someone who hates seeing herself in photos I really loved how Simone managed to portray me and my brand through the images.   



What the Red Head Said
Liz is an up and coming blogger and interior design student. I've learned so much from just her Instagram and I love the writing style on her blog. She's destined  for big things so snap up her services now and get your phone styled by someone with an amazing eye for a beautiful home.  I recently came across Donna's blog and I've loved reading her reviews and her post on "just letting go" really resonated with me. If you are looking for a mum blog to read then I'd highly recommend this one.    


Classes / Events

Say It Aint Sew
Big Fish Little Fish 
Edinburgh Buggy Walks
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 Say it ain't sew is a sewing class with easy to make tutorials in the comfort of local pubs! The classes are completely free and they even supply all the materials so if you are looking to learn a new skill or just fancy a natter while you sew then these are a great night out. Check out your local area to see if there is a class near you. Big Fish Little Fish take the fun of a kids party and play an awesome set list that will take you back to your own youth. I've been to a few of these now and I've seen first hand how much fun the adults and kids have. Even the grandparents join in! Face painting, colouring in, arts, ball pits, balloons, confetti - it's an awesome afternoon out for the whole family  As a new mum it can be hard to get motivated to get dressed, never mind leave the house. Edinburgh buggy walks helped me not only get some fresh air but also chat to people who could actually have a conversation (as much as I loved baby snuggles). They set their walks up through the meetup app so check it out if you are in Edinburgh / the Lothians and see if their is a walk near you.   



Beauty Services

Jordan Robertson
Cutie Kills
 Kids Stop

 Jordan has transformed my "mum hair" into something that more resembles a My Little Pony. I love not only the colours but the amazing blow dries he gives me. II have the worst frizzy hair and there was no straighteners or curlers used to get this look) He works at Medusa's in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh.  Zara creates mini works of art with her nails and her Instagram page is drool worthy. I have never had a set of nails I didn't love and for someone who is rubbish at taking care of her nail, she's given me loads of tips and advice on how to grow them from the stubs that they were. She is a true lady boss and another Edinburgh based lass. This hairdressers is a blessing if you have a have a little one. My wriggler loved choosing which chair she would get her hair cut in and the TV kept her eyes forward, as well as being allowed to brush the horses hair! You should have seen her eyes light up when she got fairy dust in her hair at the end. Naomi is lovely with the kids!  



I could list out a load of places I love but instead I'll direct you to a blog post I wrote on top places to go in Edinburgh. If you'd like me and my family to review your place of play then please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can chat about visiting, any excuse for a day out!


Business Help

Orlaith Brogan - BusinessIs
Business Gateway
 Orlaith Brogan is a Business coach who gets the struggle of running a business with kids at home because she's a mum herself. Having a newborn baby at home didn't stop Orlaith growing her business, it spurred her on to do better and I've seen first hand her business grow as she helps others do the same. She's a very impressive lady. She runs business meet ups for mum that you can bring your kids along to so join her Facebook group and take the first steps in helping your business grow. I've done lots of free courses with Business Gateway over the years but when I took the first steps in setting up my own business they were great at putting me in touch with a network of people who could answer the many many questions I had. Make the most of the free resources you have available to you!    


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