Have you heard of Loretta Marie Hair Studio? Well of not your are missing out! Its a very cute (and very hidden) hair dressers in the centre of Edinburgh that specialises in vintage and colourful locks. 

I was very lucky to get a sneak peak at a new service they are offering called Beauty & Burlesque and it did not disappoint.

Since starting my business I have met lots of fab indie business along the way. This Christmas I wanted to share my top 20 gift ideas because there are some bloody talented people out there and wouldn't you prefer to get your friends and family something that was lovingly produced, rather than off a conveyor belt (or off the back of a van)


Sit back with a hot coco, turn up the Christmas music and soak in the genius of these sellers and their beautiful products


1. Christmas decorations from CalEli Gifts

One of my favourite gifts last year was a personalised tree decoration. It's a gift that they’ll bring out every year and make the recipient go "awww wasn't that so sweet of <your name>, I’ll need to make sure I get them a better gift next year”.




2. Inspirational women prints from Lost Plots Shop

Not only is the artwork amazing but this gift will be a hit with all your lady boss friends. Unfortunetely her amazing calendar is sold out already but she has loads of prints and cards for all different tastes, incuding some drag art to die for!  One of my fav local shops in Edinburgh (Pie in the Sky) stocks some of Lisa's other designs so you should defo go check out what they have to offer


3. Tea Towel from The Circle Game

Now this girls skills have me green with envy. I’ve known Lizzy for years but this year she’s taken her talents to new levels and created her own business selling homeware items inspired by nature. My favourite is her play on peacock feathers using festive branches and petals - WOW! Her online shop is still in progress but she is defo one to watch out for in the new year!


4. Car seat cosies from Auchineden Crafts

Kids get so many presents these days that parents will definitely thank you for something different. These car seat cosies and practical and very cute. I love the fabric used for them. Again if you live in Edinburgh, you can find them stocked in Kids Stop hairdressers.


5. Matching mother daughter dresses from Theres Only One Amy Laws

When I first saw these dresses I commented on the post telling Amy I was going to buy one as soon as I got to my goal weight…..one year later that never happened so I’ve now bought an inspirational dress for me and a matching stunner of one for my daughter. Don’t go for cheap and tacky matching this Christmas, buy outfits that will have everyone commenting for the right reasons! She now also has the cutest sweat tops as well.


6. Christmas cards from Cheryl Jones Designs

I know my cards aren’t everyone's cup of tea but these cards from Cheryl are bound to be a hit and at an amazing price for 5 right now. Unfortunately her Scottish Santa cards are sold out as they were fantastic, but there are lots of other amazing designs to choose from.




7. Personalised jewellery from Truly Treasured Originals

Another amazing mum I’m proud to say I’m friends with is Louise, owner of Truly Treasured Originals, where she makes stunning finger and paw print jewellery. Her order books are closed for Christmas but you can still by a gift voucher to get your creation made in the new year! Louise has also started making stunning hand/foot castings, as well as bump bowl. Please go check out what she has to offer as they are a present that will do any time of the year.


8. Fingerless mittens from Suzie Lee Knitwear

I received a pair of these for my birthday and they were such an awesome present. Not only are they lovely and bright but they go the job whilst feeling nice and soft on your skin. This will be a present you’ll be thanked for into the cold new year...and maybe until the summer if you live in Scotland.

If you are more of a knitter yourself, then check out Ginger Twist Studio for some gorgeous balls that are bound to get all your friends talking! The store is based in Edinburgh but you can buy online as well.


9. Hybrid insect prints from Jess Albert

These prints caught my eye at the Chelsea Handmade in Britain show and they are really stunning. Jess takes different parts of bug anatomy and blends them to works of art! They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but they are truly unique for a friend who loves nature. I’m still working on my partner to let me get one for our living room but if not I’m having one in my craft room as I find them so intriguing


10. Christmas oragami boxes from Tabita W Harvey

Are you buying someone jewellery this year? Why not wrap it in a handmade origami box from the wonderful Tabita! I first found Tabita on instagram but I’ve seen her boxes in the Art & Craft Collective in Edinburgh and they are so delicate and perfect way to add and extra something to a gift.


11. Whitley bag from Tatum Diamond Designs

Another ethical seller here with her stunning multi-wear bags. I am lucky enough to own one of these and as a mum of a young child, I’ve found this to be the perfect handbag for any occasion. I can wear it with a belt so it’s always round my waist, meaning I am completely free to deal with a toddler running about and my bag not constantly falling off my shoulder. I can then transform the strap or use as a clutch in the evening - 3 bags in one.

All the leather used is vegetable dyed and a byproduct of the meat industry, so that no part of the animal is going to waste.


12. Stainless steel tething keys from Yummikeys

This company has grown from strength to strength this year and I’m sure you will find them stocked everywhere in 2019 so be ahead of the trend and by a baby some Yummikeys this Christmas. You can be super smug when everyone is comparing them to the new Sophie Giraffe of gifts and again another very practical gift that both mum and baby will appreciate.


13. Hand embroidery swear hoops from The Profanity Pixie

I bloody love these. I’m not going to say anything else about them, I just want you to go to her site and laugh out loud!


14. Silk Scarf from Danielle Neill

I have an art print from Danielle up in my living room but her scarfs are a piece of true luxury.  The colours and designs are stunning and would be a piece that can be enjoyed forever.


15. The most amazing kids fancy dress costumes from The Coven of Stitches

Kids love to dress up and these costumes are beyond adorable. I love the dragon wings but there is so much choice from both girls and boys. Kids should be able to grow up in a world of imagination and this is a gift that’s bound to be a hit when opened on Christmas.


16. Gin pin from Ladykerry

I love gin and I’m not afraid to say it. Come to think of it, I bet you all have a friend who is gin obsessed so why not get them a badge of honor this christmas to go with their favourite tipple.



17. Recycled crisp packet purses from Alternating Stitches

I came across these the other week and I think they would be the ultimate secret santa present! If you know someone obsessed with crisps, see if their flavour of choice is here and get a gift that will crack them up this Christmas.


18. Mugs from Jenni Douglas Designs

I have lots of Jenni Douglas prints in my house but I love her mug designs as well. This is a great gift for a family member who loves a cuppa as the gorgeous artwork will put a smile on their face, everytime they take a sip. She also has stunning jewellery if you are looking for something unusual.


19. Soya candle and bath tea set from Emms Choice

Everybody loves a good candle but have you heard of bath tea before? I wish i had a bath to try it out so you’ll need to let me know what it’s like. Check out Emms Choice for some ethical gifts this Christmas that are pure luxury, she has loads to offer on her site. She has a gift set for men as well!


20. Awesome clothes from Hello Cleo

Now I have spotted people wearing these creations but never new where they came from until recently. I love this dino print on the yellow cord and I’m so excited that it will be coming it in proper dungarees soon. This is the perfect gift for a friend who has a playful outlook on fashion.




I hope this list has given you some good Christmas inspiration and if you pop over to any of these fab shops, tell em I sent ya! Now I’m off to stuff my face with mince pies, gin and dose up on flu meds - enjoy the festive period and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!


Your elf on the shelf,

Nicole xxx


I love a good day out with the family but Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre took things to another level. The weather has been rubbish in Scotland this year but not even a bit of drizzle could dampen our spirits as we adventured round this amazing site.