I love a good day out with the family but Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre took things to another level. The weather has been rubbish in Scotland this year but not even a bit of drizzle could dampen our spirits as we adventured round this amazing site. 

Auchingarrich is nestled in the picturesque Perthshire hills located just outside of Comrie. We rocked up to meet our friends at 10am and the girls were buzzing to get going as you can see the animals on the drive in.

On arrival at the front desk we were given a map so we could find our way around - you definitely need one, there's loads to see. You can also buy bags of animal feed which come in handy when you meet the friendly goats just outside.


We started off in the Hatchery where the staff were as friendly as the animals! As soon as we walked in there was people explaining about each of the animals and showing us how to hold them. I loved the baby chicks but the lambs in jumpers melted my heart!



We were also impressed by how many play areas they have set out for the kids. There's the tractor park, 2 soft plays (one for littler kids and one for older), crazy golf, an outdoor park and also a wild west play area. This alone was enough to keep the little ones busy for hours. We had to drag them out the softplay half way through the day to get them feed but they spent the whole time desperate to get back out again. 




I loved the mix of indoor and outdoor play so no matter what the weather there is plenty to do. I would say to take a spare pair of sock though as the little kids softplay was damp where they had been cleaning it which left our socks all wet. There's not many play parks that have views like this one, we had to remember to keep an eye on the kids as we stood chatting looking out at the hills. 

The big hit of the day was the wild west area where the girls spent at least an hour putting the daddys in jail and hiding in the teepees. I loved watch the mix of turkeys and wallabies in the enclosure next to us, not a site you expect to see in Scotland but all the animals seem to get on so well together.


Our wee dafty had an absolute ball, from feeding goats to driving a tractor, there was so much to fill the day. We stayed for 6 hours and still didn't get round everything so will definitely take a trip back later this year when the weather gets better. The prospect of going out without wellies seems too good to be true at the moment but hopefully spring will bloody spring into action soon and we can go out without 20 layers by next month. 

If you want to visit Auchingarrich, then head to their website for more details - I couldn't recommend it more