Everybody loves a cute newborn photo shoot but my little one was born at a tiny 3.5lb and we had to give her a little time to grow before we could take her outside for longer periods of time. By the time Halloween came, I couldn't contain myself and was desperate to create something for her first costume - I NEEDED TO SEW SO BAD. I came up with the idea of snail as it meant she could sleep away while I took photos on her lush grassy bedroom carpet.

I have loved and hated getting advice since I became a mum. Sometimes you are crying out for it and sometimes to you want to tell them to get to, well somewhere not very nice. However, I wanted to share my top 5 tips which will hopefully not be preachy but more like helpful ear-worms that will stick in the back of your head when you feel yourself getting down or stuck in a parenting rut. I know, I've drawn you in with taking about crying and worms already but stick with me.

Edinburgh has a lot to offer for families and I love having so many options on my doorstep. I want to share some of our favourites and would love to see comments on any recommendations you have for your area


We all want to take the perfect photo, especially at Christmas, but this is even more important when a new bundle of joy comes into your life!

We had our daughter last August and when she was invited to her first Christmas party and I wanted to make a special keepsake for all the families...that's when I came up the idea of a baby photo booth. Ok, so it's not a booth but chances are your baby can't sit up yet and if they can, there is no way they are staying still for photos! This is a mat you can lie on the floor and place a baby on lying down, while you take your pictures.


Last week we finally did our cake smash for our daughters 1st birthday and it's only fuelled my Pinterest addiction. I spent days searching through lots of amazing pictures for inspiration and trying to figure out what would go well together. At one point there was going to be a tissue paper flamingo in there but we (by which I really meant I, because my partner just has to bear the pain of listening to my thought process on these matters) decided to keep it simple as we wanted the focus of the pictures to be my daughter and not a zoo of animals around her. I'm not normally one for pink but I liked the thought of balancing it out with blue and then a little bit of gold to add some sparkle.